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​These bath salts have been specifically crafted and charged to use within a ritual bath, heightening your connection with the element of Air for your ritual magic.
Said to rule thought, memory, and imagination the Element of Air is a potent element that is traditionally used to help find a clear, rational answer to your problems or to otherwise inspire creative answers or outright creativity. If you are suffering from writers block, stressed and just needing to think, or otherwise need to put some order to your thoughts, these Air Bath Salts are a great way to help.
price: $5.95 


Charged with energy, infused with herbs, and imbued with aromatic oils, these Earth Bath salts are a wonderful way to help ease tension and stress with your bath waters or add to the magic of your ritual baths. Intended to bring the element of Earth into your bath waters, these Earth Bath Salts are a great addition to your ritual crafts or simply a soothing way to relax and enjoy the comfort that the Element of Earth can bring into your life. As an element associated with grounding and stability, the salts make for a wonderful way to find your calm and center when you are feeling scattered, stressed, or otherwise overwhelmed. The Element of Earth is also strongly associated with prosperity and success, and makes for a powerful addition to ritual baths in which you are seeking good luck, prosperity, or money drawing.
price: $5.95


Access the qualities of the element of Water with these water bath salts. As a carefully chosen blend of salts herbs, and aromatic oil that has been charged with energy, it is a great aid in seeking love and understanding. Intended specifically to aid you in invoking the element of Water within your ritual baths, our Water bath salts have been crafted with a carefully chosen blend of salts and herbs that have been infused with an aromatic oil and charged with energy. When added to your bath waters, it can help you access the qualities of Water as an element, such as aid with compassion, intuition, love, and healing. This makes a powerful aid when you are going to work an important divination or are otherwise seeking love and understanding.
price: $5.95

Fire bath salts can add vigor, passion, and virility to your bath waters, helping a relaxing bath revitalize and energize. This passion and vitality is also a powerful addition to Love Spells. Passionate, volatile, and sometimes erratic element, the element of Fire can help add a little bit of zing to life. If you are looking for a bit more emotional, mental or spiritual vigor or drawing bath waters to soak in and revitalize yourself the Fire bath salts are for you. When included within your ritual crafts, the Fire bath salts are a powerful addition to love spells and magic of seduction and lust. It can be used to inspire sexual desire and kindle a bit of heat in romance.
price: $5.95


Created using especially chosen herbs, salts, and aromatic oils before being charged with energy, these bath salts are intended as a wonderful aid for exploring your own spirit, the spirit world, or any such magic.Drawing a warm bath for yourself can be a rewarding experience. Our Spirit Bath Salts are intended to aid you in making it a spiritual experience as well. Blended from especially chosen salts and herbs and infused with aromatic oil before being charged with energy, the Spirit Bath salts are intended to help you open yourself to all things spiritual. Whether you are planning on a journey into the spirit world, seeking to communicate with a spiritual entity, or simply trying to better attune yourself to your own spirit, these bath salts can be a wonderful aid.
price: $5.95


New moon bath salts add inspiration as this is a time for dreaming, for exploration with unlimited potential. Create freely using your intuition without allowing past experiences influence what you believe is possible. Specially crafted with uplifting oils & herbs, add these New Moon salts to your ritual bath to celebrate beginnings, to focus intent on starting a new project, or focus on personal growth. Consider this your time of germination! Add New moon bath salts to your New moon ritual ad Journal, reflecting on the past month or the month ahead. List your goals & intentions. Focus on low-energy activities, "BE" rather than "DO". This is a time for new beginnings, a fresh start, or rebirth. 
price: $5.95

Charged with energy, infused with herbs, and imbued with aromatic oils, these Full Moon bath salts charge you with Lunar Energy. Just as you charge the tools of your Craft, you charge yourself. The best time to use this bath are: the 3 days before, the day of, and the day after the Full Moon each month. To use this "drawing down the moon" bath, prepare bath water and then recite this charge: Oh hail fair Moon, Lady of the night, protect me and mine, until there is light. Chant this as many times as you wish until you can feel the silvery light throughout your body. Feel this completion and harvest. Full Moon bath salts are for celebrating this symbolic height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire, for allowing the mind to be filled with receptive, passive, reflective energies.
price: $5.95

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