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Invigorating Coffee Body Scrub: combines the moisturizing effects of coconut oil, and the exfoliating power of epsom salts with organic coffee to bring you your morning wake up call in the shower! Use carefully in the tub or shower to naturally exfoliate old epidermis, revealing beautifully moisturizing skin.

$12.99 8oz low profile twist top recyclable jar

Tattoo Salve: The key properties of calendula & lavender are what makes my formula the perfect tattoo salve to use from start to finish. Using this salve during tattooing may reduce swelling, bleeding, and pain.  As aftercare it may reduce scabbing, peeling, dryness & cracking.
Don't trust your investment to just anyone. Use my 100% Natural tattoo salve today! $5.95 trial size or one time use OR $19.99 8oz artist sizeAll Natural Tattoo application/recovery ointment!

Hand poured in small batches

$5.95 trial size​ or $19.99 8oz artist size (shown)

Skin Deep drawing salve is better known as black ointment from the late 1800's;  may speed healing and may help the body expel foreign objects, such as small splinters or thorns.
Made with organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, calendula, lavender, chamomile, plantain, activated charcoal

$13.95 2oz 


Tooth powder: bentonite clay is a fabulous non-toxic teeth cleaner! Simply dip your wet toothbrush in the loose powder and brush your teeth thoroughly, then rinse with water!

*contains peppermint & tea tree e.o, bentonite clay, organic stevia, sea salt, peppermint & tea tree essential oils

$5.99 2oz twist top recyclable jar

Information found throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before using any new product, always do a test patch on a sensitive area of the body to test for allergies. A licensed physician should always be consulted before using herbs. Due to the natural state of our products, the shelf life of our products is typically 6-12 months and we recommend you use your product within that time frame. We do not add preservatives that are found in commercial products, we rely on natural ingredients for our shelf life. Sixkid Apothecary is not responsible for any adverse reactions that may occur. When pregnant or nursing, consult a licensed physician before using herbs or essential oils.


Comfrey salve: Comfrey has been in use as a medicinal herb for more than 200 years. The allantoin content of comfrey may aid in healing wounds, sores, burns, swollen tissue, and broken bones. Applied externally may help bruises, sprains, arthritic bones of any inflamed tissue. 
Made in house over a 48hr infusion process, hand poured. 

$5.99 half ounce or $19.99 8oz tin or jar

Coconut Oil Pulls: Oil pulling is known to be  an ancient detoxification process that involves swishing oil around in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes to and may remove harmful bacteria, reduce dental plaque, remineralize your teeth, strengthen your gums, & may help with gum issues. Allow the oil pull to be left at room temperature for best results,  above 76* to prevent melting. 

$12.99 4oz twist top recyclable jar.

Calming Sugar Scrub: use carefully in the tub or shower to naturally exfoliate dull, dry skin. Made with organic, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, non-GMO verified, USDA certified organic pure sugar cane crystals & calming organic herbs lavender, chamomile

 $12.99 8oz low profile twist top recyclable jar.

Son of an itch! balm:
organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil is infused with chickweed & plantain.This salve may be helpful in treating irritating skin rashes, eczema, insect bites and inflammations.
It may be soothing to the skin from injuries, irritations and promotes healing.

$13.95 2oz or trial size $5.95 (8oz available)

Armpit Paste: an alternative deodorant made with organic coconut oil, cold pressed coconut oil, chamomile, calendula, arrowroot powder, baking soda, lavender e.o, vitamin E.

Available in:

Original (with floral undertones)

Bay Rum

Patchouli Cedarwood 

Simply rub a small amount into your pits as needed. This will quit the stink, but not the sweat! (Ladies, may cause sensitivity after shaving.)

$3.95 2oz OR $7.95 4oz twist top recyclable jar​

Calming Chamomile massage oil: made with sunflower oil, safflower oil, caprylic capric triglyceride, sesame seed oil, jojoba seed oil, olive oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, organic chamomile, organic lavender e.o

Massage on temples, or as a body massage.

$10.99 2oz

Any product made with coconut oil will melt. 

*If your product melts, simply give it a stir & pop in in the freezer for a few moments, until set but not solid. You should be able to reuse without a problem.

Your products are shipped in dark containers to keep them safe from sunlight. Essential oils & natural oils will go rancid if placed in the sun.

Products should be good for 1 year otherwise. 

For best results:  place products in a dry, dark place. I will not be responsible for products after I ship them.